Bulk discounts

Bulk Discounts

At the moment we offer bulk buying for two products that we stock. La Pro girl Concealer and Red cherry Lashes. If your interested in buying in bulk for any reason wether it be for your business or personal use, check out the discounts you can possibly receive below!

La Pro Girl Concealer Bulk Discount 

- Purchase 50+ Concealers For 15% off on your order

- Purchase 125+ Concealers For 20% off on your order

- Purchase 250+ Concealers For 30% off on your order 


Red Cherry Lashes Bulk Discount 

50 lashes at £2.88 each (£144)
75 lashes at £2.86 each (£214.50)
100 lashes at £2.84 each (£284)
150 lashes at £2.82 each (£423)
200 lashes at £2.80 each (£560)
250 lashes at £2.70 each (£675)
300 lashes at £2.60 each (£780)
400 lashes at £2.50 each (£1,000)
500 lashes at £2.40 each (£1,200)


If bulk purchasing is something you would like to do, please contact me on Bulk@Mykindabeauty.co.uk with the style(s) or colour(s) you would like to buy including the quantity so i can give you the discounted quote and arrange shipment subject to availability.

Thank you, MKB